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Dynamic Seals

Dynamic seals are indispensable to a slew of applications. We at Advanced EMC Technologies are a reliable source for dynamic seals solutions.

Diverse Range

Semiconductor Seals

We deal in all types of dynamic seals – Reciprocating, Floating Pneumatic Piston, Rotary, Oscillating, Polymer Labyrinth Seals of PEEK and Torlon and Abradable Labyrinth Seals in Modified PTFE; and lastly, Teflon Lip Seal. Deploying advanced engineering, we manufacture top-of-the-line seals.

Durable Seals with Cost Savings

Our dynamic seals ensure significant cost savings over time. We use top grade materials which lends durability to our Teflon seals and other products. Our seals effectively keep out contaminants, retain or separate fluids and contain pressure.

FDA/USDA Compliant Seals

All our FDA/USDA compliant seals can withstand extreme pressure and have unlimited shelf life. These will work perfectly in dry or lubricated running.

You can rest assured when sourcing dynamic seals with us.