Engineered Design and Manufacturing of Polymer Seals, Bearings and Specialty Components

Advanced EMC Technologies is dedicated to the custom design and manufacture of high performance fluoropolymer and rubber seals; high temperature, low friction bearings; and specialty bellows and diaphragms to meet your most demanding applications. Extensive research and more than 100 years of combined production expertise in materials, engineering and design are at work meeting the challenges of today’s global economy.

Every day, the team at Advanced EMC draws upon our core strengths: designing PTFE spring energized seals, rotary shaft seals, valves seats, custom machined seals, engineered polymer bushings and bearings to support the global marketplace. We design and manufacture advanced polymer labyrinth seals for critical service in compressors, wind turbines and other rotating equipment; and, also provide materials expertise for OEM’s — all with a responsiveness and dedication to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Designing PTFE, PEEK, PPS, PAI, Polyimides

If your challenge requires one or more of the following characteristics, e-mail or call today for technical assistance:

  • Extreme Temperatures: cryogenic to 600F
  • Low Friction and Wear: in PTFE | PEEK | PPS | Nylon, etc.
  • High PV Requirements (pressure and velocity)