Fluorolon PTFE 1034 is reinforced with carbon:graphite the percentage varying between 5 and 30%. The added fiber improves the wear properties, reduces extrusion. The coefficient of friction is slightly increased and for this reason, graphite is sometimes added to compensate this side effect. The material has the ability to run under dry or wet conditions making it an ideal bearing and seal material.

Chemical Compatibility

ALLOY 1034 is compatible with most fliuds, except Sorong axidizers and acids.


FDA Compliance
ALLOY 1034 is not FDA compliant.

Mechanical Properties
The mechanical properties of ALLOY 1034 at ambient temperaturas are:
Tensile Strength         ASTM D638         2500 psi (175 kg/cm2)
Elongation                  ASTM D638           240%


Service Temperature Range ( F)
-320 to 475

Advantages of PTFE
-Suitable for use in aqueous media
-Lower friction than G and PTFE in aqueos media.

Other information
This information corresponds to our current information on the subject. It is offered solely yo provide suggestions for your own experimentation. It is not intended, however, to subtitule for any testing you may need to conduct to determine for yourself the suitability of our products for your particular purposes. Since we cannot anticipate all variations in actual end: use conditions, Advanced EMC Technologies makes no warranties.