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Polymer Seals and Bearings for Automotive Industry

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Polymer wear sleeves for the automotive industryAdvanced EMC is experienced in providing reliable PTFE sealing solutions, including PTFE spring-energized seals, PTFE rotary shaft seals, and other customer engineered polymer sealing components. In addition, we provide advanced polymer bearings and precision components solutions to Tier 2 and 3 automotive component manufacturers (OEMs) and their component suppliers. We are able to offer high volume and stringent quality in the automotive seal and bearing sector with the responsiveness that the industry requires.

Engineering and development support teams work with our automobile or truck customers to develop an innovative automotive seal and bearing solutions to meet transportation application challenges.

Transportation Seal Operating Conditions

Transportation seals must survive in environmental conditions such as direct sunlight, oxidation, and UV rays. In addition to environmental conditions, transportation seals need to have

  • Low Friction
  • High contamination exposure
  • Compliance with automotive standards
  • Vibration and shock loading
  • Wear resistance
  • Chemical resistance

Contaminants include dirt, water, grease, and debris. Seals are often exposed to chemicals such as brake fluid, coolants, hydraulic fluid, chemical solvents, diesel, oil, and gasoline.

Rotary Shaft Seals

A necessary component within transportation vehicles, including trucks, buses, cars, and high–performance vehicles, is the rotary shaft seals. Even newer hybrid electric vehicles (EV and HEV) and all-terrain vehicles require rotary shaft seals.

Rotary shaft seals are found in multiple vehicle systems, including

  • Braking systems
  • Gearboxes
  • Power transmission
  • Steering wheels
  • Pumps
  • Air conditioning compressors
  • Hydraulic seals
  • Clutch bearing
  • Fuel Cell seals
  • Polymer Sheaves

Typically, rotary shaft seals are spring energized seals with a flexible inner seal lip made from either a polymer, such as PTFE, or an elastomer.

PTFE is the suggested use for rotary shaft seals for transportation applications. These seals perform well in harsh conditions, are low friction, and are resistant to most chemicals on the market. 

PTFE grades used in transportation seals include

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PTFE Type Property
Virgin PTFE light-duty service with slow speed
25% glass-filled PTFE wear and extrusion resistant but abrasive to shafts with hardness less than 62C
23% carbon/2% graphite-filled PTFE general-purpose service where extrusion and deformation resistance are necessary
15% glas/5% MoS2 filled PTFE excellent wear resistance makes it well adapted to higher speed applications
Polyimide-filled PTFE low abrasion allows it to work well with soft materials such as 300 SS and Aluminum
Modified PTFE higher mechanical strength and better wear resistance