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Advanced EMC Technologies

Advanced EMC Technologies prides itself on providing more than just high-performance polymer seals and bearings. Our company is built on real values plus an in-depth understanding of customer expectations and the ability to provide appropriate and effective solutions to the customer’s needs and product requirements.

Innovation in new materials development, seal and bearing geometries, and manufacturing processes are at work providing our customers improved solutions to engineering problems.

Consistent, Accurate, on Time, and on Budget . . .

That’s the philosophy at Advanced EMC Technologies. We provide quality products to meet your budget and service expectations with various processing technologies in molding, extrusion, and complete fabrication capabilities, From providing energized PTFE seals . . . to Polyimide bearings . . . to implantable polymer devices, we strive for the highest quality, unparalleled service, and meeting a customer’s toughest challenge.

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The EMC Solution

The EMC solution simply stated we have all the resources you need to provide a comprehensive solution to your polymer seal, bearing and precision components requirements. With over 100 years of engineering experience in materials selection, seal and bearing manufacturing coupled with modern CNC processing. We have supplied some of the worlds largest companies; Why? because we provide solutions.


Advanced EMC Engineers Our technical department is ready to assist you with material recommendation for your specific seal or bearing application and design assistance in the geometry and function of your part. Advanced EMC always select’s the most cost effective manufacturing process and does not over specify the material providing our customers the most economical solution.


Advanced EMC Polymer Materials It’s our responsibility to always be aware that our customers have schedules to meet, production lines that must continue running and control cost with global competition. Our primary customers are OEM’s with exacting requirements that must be met. With our decades of experience and market knowledge on materials we have the highest quality and lowest costs in the industry delivered on time.

Supply Chain

Advanced EMC Suppy Chain We understand that our customers have schedules to meet and must compete in a global marketplace. This is where our in depth knowledge of materials and strategic partners around the world allow us to compete in every application. If we cannot produce a product at the lowest overall cost in our US or Mexican facilities we have qualified Asian sources that have been qualified.


Advanced EMC Quality Control Our customers depend on us to consistently provide high-quality products and that’s why we strive for zero defects and have consistently achieved a reject rate of .05% or less. Our management system includes ISO 9001, SPC, and Best Practices are employed by our trained quality team.