PEEK, UHMW, PTFE Seals, Seats, Backup Rings, Gaskets & Polymer Components

PEEK Plastic Components

PEEK plastic produtsPolyetheretherketone PEEK high performance precision parts are manufactured to meet today’s complex applications.

PEEK plastic provides performance enhanced products by extending service life as well as resistance to corrosion with lower coefficient of friction.  In dynamic applications, such as bearings or seals, PEEK provides increased load capacity and higher RPM.  PEEK is capable of operating at service temperatures up to 480°F.

PEEK plastic components and materials, including Glass-Filled, PEEK-HT (High Temperature), and PEEK-UHP (Ultra-High Purity) designed by our engineers are state of the art metal replacement in many market areas including food processing, biomedical, semiconductor, and medical device applications.

PTFE Plastic Components

PTFE - PEEK Polymer Components All standard PTFE seats and seals are manufactured using both filled and unfilled PTFE.

Virgin PTFE provides excellent resistance to the most aggressive chemicals and can handle media at both elevated and semi cryogenic temperatures. PTFE polymer components are commonly specified for applications where attack of an added filler could occur. Typical applications would be fluorine based chemicals which would attack glass or highly oxidizing media which would deteriorate graphite. Virgin PTFE is commonly used in Ball Valves specified for hydrofluoric acid and fluorine gas service.

Valves utilizing virgin PTFE seats and seals have a temperature range of -50°F to 450°F (-45°C to 232°C).

Reinforced PEEK PTFE Seats and Seals

For applications that require higher temperature resistance and improved hardness, the sealing component can be supplied with reinforced PTFE. These components are glass reinforced and offer a temperature range of -60°F to 520°F (-51°C to 271°C), depending upon process pressure conditions.

Fluorolon 5000 – UHMWP Seat and Seal Components

Ultra high molecular weight (ultra high density) polyethylene offers abrasion resistance and wear resistance far superior to that of PTFE.

Seats and seals of UHMWP provide exceptional service in high cycle applications. The material has a practical temperature limit of 200 degrees F (93°C).

Fluorolon 3000 Series PEEK

PEEK polymer components


Since Fluorolon PEEK is a virgin crystalline polymer, its resistance to chemical attack is excellent. Fluorolon PEEK is recommended for most environments other than strong oxidizers. It is compatible with numerous acids, bases, and aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons.


Unlike most thermoplastics, PEEK will not hydrolyze and is recommended for use in steam service and other high-temperature aqueous processes.


Fluorolon PEEK offers excellent resistance to embrittlement when exposed to gamma radiation. This resistance is maintained in both acid and alkali media.

Fluorolon 3015 PEEK

Combines the basic properties of the 3000 PEEK reinforced with carbon graphite and PTFE fillers, yielding a seating material with greater stability at higher temperatures and significantly reduced seating torque. Due to its filled content, 3015 PEEK is an excellent choice for high temperature applications, having a maximum temperature capability of 550°F (288°C).

V- Packings / Chevron Seals

PEEK-polymer seals cut awayV-Packings or Chevron Seals are used in various Oilfield Downhole equipment such as various Valves etc.
V-Packings are extremely suitable for usage in medium to heavy duty applications. V-Packings accept low and high pressure while operating in the most extreme conditions and also if there exists any misalignment between the sealing gaps.

Some of the standard materials in
which V-Packing are available are:

  • Virgin PTFE
  • Filled PTFE (Filled with Glass, Graphite, Carbon, Moly etc)

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