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100 Years

Of Experience

Considering Reshoring?

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100 Years

Of Experience

Precision Engineered Solutions

Advanced polymer seals, bearings
and components

PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals for Medical Devices

FDA and USP Class VI
Compliant Applications

Reliable, repeatable sterilization-resistant
polymer seals, bearings and devices

Polymer Sealing Solutions
for Cryogenic Conditions

Engineered for chemical compatibility,
durability and dimensional stability

Up, Mid and Down
Stream Applications

Polymer seals and wear solutions
for HP-HT and UHP-UHT service

CNC Machine Operator

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Extensive research and more than 100 years of combined production expertise are at work at Advanced EMC Technologies to meet the challenges of today’s global economy. Request a quote.


Innovation in new materials development, polymer sealing and bearing geometries, and manufacturing processes are among the services we provide as a top PTFE seal manufacturer, in order to offer our customers improved solutions to the toughest engineering problems.

Our delivery is consistent, accurate,  on time, and on budget.

That’s our philosophy at Advanced EMC Technologies. We provide quality products to meet your budget and service expectations with a variety of processing technologies in polymer molding, extrusion, and complete fabrication capabilities, from providing energized PTFE seals to Polyimide bearings to implantable polymer medical devices. As a leading PTFE seal manufacturer, we strive for the highest quality, unparalleled service, and meeting a customer’s toughest challenges.

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