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100 Years

Of Experience

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Engineered Components Is Only A Fraction Of Our Support

With that initial call or email, we start the collaboration process to determine if your need is a Spring Energized PTFE Seal, PTFE Rotary Shaft seal, conventional seals, polymer bearings, machined or molded components, or our FlexForce Canted Coil Springs. Next, we provide design solutions, material recommendations, and DFM guidance.
We provide industry-leading quality, service, and lead times even with today’s supply chain challenges, with Bi-Lateral stocking agreements.

Because Reliable On Time Solutions Matter

That’s our philosophy at Advanced EMC Technologies. We provide quality products to meet your budget and service expectations with a variety of processing technologies in polymer molding, extrusion, and complete fabrication capabilities, from providing energized PTFE seals to Polyimide bearings to implantable polymer medical devices. As a leading manufacturer of Polymer Seals, Bearings, Molded, Machined, and Engineered Components. We strive for the highest quality, unparalleled service, and meeting a customer’s toughest challenges.


OUR Products

Extensive research and more than 100 years of combined production expertise are at work at Advanced EMC Technologies to meet the challenges of today’s global economy.
PTFE Teflon Rotary Shaft Seals

PTFE spring energized seals offer extreme temperature, high pressure, chemically inert static and dynamic sealing for the most demanding applications.

PTFE Teflon Spring Energized Seals

PTFE rotary shaft seals, or lip seals, bridge the gap between conventional elastomeric lip seals and mechanical face seals.

Polymer Bushings & Bearings

Engineering polymers in dynamic load-bearing applications has helped revolutionize virtually all mechanical products.

Injection Molded Wear Products

Fluoropolymer are resistant to chemical, enzyme, and microbiological attacks while eliminating biodegradation issues.

Auto Molded PTFE Products

Auto-molding is a popular manufacturing technique for making thermoset and thermoplastic parts.

Precision Machined Plastic Products

CNC turning and CNC milling of your precision seals, bushings, insulators, compressor components, or structural parts to your exact specifications.

Polytetrafluoroethylene PTFE applications

Expanded PTFE (ePTFE) sheets are made from 100% polytetrafluoroethylene through special processes. The internal structure is multi-directional without any fillers, suitable for ultra-pure applications

Canted/Slant Coil Springs

Canted coil springs were originally designed as an energizer for Teflon seals, and provided a predictable and very flat load curve in the compressed position for seal applications that required highly critical friction and torque specifications.

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