Considering Reshoring/Near-Shoring?

100 Years

Of Experience


Considering Reshoring/Near-Shoring?

100 Years

Of Experience

Polymer Seals for Motorsports

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Advanced EMC Technologies offer superior life and performance and are the premiere seal manufacturer for all classes of motorsport.

If you are in need of a polymer seal for your motorsports vehicle, look no further than Advanced EMC Technologies.

We offer a broad range of polymer seals, bushing, and bearings, all custom-made to meet the specific needs of the motorsports industry.

Nothing beats Advanced EMC in performance and reliability. With our parts in your vehicles, you are guaranteed to dominate the competition.

Polymer Seals for Race Cars

Manufacturing to Fit Your Needs

We here at Advanced EMC recognize that no two sports car is alike. In an industry that prides itself on its individuality and its use of bespoke parts, it is important to use seals that are as unique as the cars they are in.

With over 100 years of combined experience among our engineers, Advanced EMC Technologies is well suited to design and manufacture custom seals, bearings, and bushings to fit your individual needs, and to make your car run great.

How are we are able to provide such high-quality, highly customized products? It is all thanks to our control over the engineering and manufacturing process!

Why Polymer Solutions

Over the years, the motorsports industry has become more demanding with higher temperatures and higher pressures. And over the years the standard elastomeric seal can no longer offer the life expectancy needed for manufacturers and their vehicles to remain competitive.PTFE Seals for Motorsports

Polymers, such as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), offer the opportunity to run at higher RPMs, higher and lower temperatures, and much higher pressures than elastomeric seals.

Because of their high-temperature settings, polymer seals tend to run at continuously at higher speeds. This leads to a much longer and far more reliable life than other seal types, allowing your vehicle to run longer with fewer pit stops.