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PEEK Polyetheretherketone, Torlon PAI, PPS

Advanced EMC Technologies employs over 150 years combined experience in PEEK, Torlon, PPS, injection molded and CNC manufactured components . Our engineers utilize the latest technology and system processes to meet the industry’s most demanding applications. We specialize in metal to plastic conversions employing the latest in polymer processing. Advanced EMC Technologies provides our customers with the highest quality materials and lowest overall cost for their precision plastic components.

Polyketones Materials

Material Group  Description  Application Details
3000 PEEK -Virgin High modulus back up ring material for high temperature high load
3005 PEEK 30% Glass Reinforced High temperature higher mechanical properties for structual applications
3010 PEEK 30% Carbon Reinforced High load bearing materials for use in most environments
3012 PEEK Bearing Grade Bearing grade with internal lubricates for improved wear and strength
3015BG PEEK -Bearing Grade High PV bearing service for higher speed applications