Fluorolon PTFE is 15% Graphite Filled Reinforced PTFE Alloy which improves the wear properties, dimensional stability and thus reduces extrusion. The grade exhibits high heat resistance and excellent resitance to Chemicals agents and solvents.

Chemical Compatibility

ALLOY 1055 has a goood Chemicals compatibility. This material is compatible with most fluids and gases, except Sorong oixidizers and certain concentrated acids.

FDA Compliance

ALLOY 1055 is not FDA compliant.

Mechanical Properties

The mechanical properties of ALLOY 1055 at ambient temperaturas are:

Tensile Strength          ASTM D638         3200 psi (225 kg/cm2)
Elongation                    ASTM D638         250%



Service Temperature Range ( F)

-250 to 350

Advantages of PTFE

Industrial components handling aqueous Solutions

– Suitable for use in aqueous media
– Higher extrusion, creep and wear resistance than virgin PTFE in air and aqueos media.
– Lower friction than PTFE in aqueous media.

Other information
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