Spring Energized PTFE Teflon Seals

Do your industrial applications demand reliable polymer seals?

You expect long-lasting industrial seals that:

* perform in extreme TEMPERATURES and PRESSURE
* are LOW FRICTION, no stick/slip

Then you need seals manufactured with PTFE or Teflon
..that are ENERGIZED by a metal spring or rubber.

Used for:

* Rotating shafts as rotary seals
* Rod or piston sealing
* Static and face sealing applications
* Fluid handling devices
* Semiconductors
* Medical devices
* Military & Defense
* Pharmaceuticals
* Oil industry
* Seismic transportation
* Food service industry

Spring Energized PTFE Seals by Advanced EMC Technologies LLC
High sealing efficiency for the toughest industrial needs.


PTFE Shaft Seals for Automotive Industry

Advanced EMC has provided reliable PTFE sealing solutions, advanced polymer bearings and precision components to automotive and off highway equipment with quality affordable products for over 30 years.

The typical applications include:
Hydraulic seals, Air Conditioning compressor seals, Clutch bearing, Steering Wheel Seals/Bushings Fuel Cell seals, Polymer Sheaves –

“The PTFE rotating seals are very low friction,
meaning reduced wear on the sealing lip,
greatly improving the life of the seal,
and used to prevent fluid leakage.”

Crankshaft and camshaft seals in PTFE material with low friction design offers high performance and durability.

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