Wind Energy Sealing System Solutions



Challenges of Wind Turbines

  • Increasing need for reliability…
  • Innovative robust solutions that address potentially extreme weather conditions and mechanical challenges…
  • Industrious engineering and cutting-edge design of key components within the wind turbine system…


Sealing Solutions for Wind Power Systems

  • Service life, extreme durability and leakage control are the main objectives for the most optimal wind power sealing system.
  • Spring-energized PTFE seals, Modified PTFE blends in conjunction with Teflon Flouropolymer springs provide excellent extreme temperature, high-pressure solutions…
  • Providing rapid OEM repair of seal and wear products is also a key variable in a healthy overall return on investment goal of wind energy projects.
  • Innovative engineering designs and solutions by highly qualified sealing suppliers is the only alternative in the steadily emerging global wind energy industry…read more in brochure.

Consistent, Accurate, On Time, and On Budget 

This is  the philosophy at Advanced EMC Technologies.  We provide quality products to meet your budget and service expectations with various processing technologies in molding, extrusion, and complete fabrication capabilities.  From providing energized PTFE seals to Polyimide bearings, we strive for the highest quality unparalleled service and meeting a customer’s toughest challenge.

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