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Polyetheretherketone PEEK

There are many applications that require high-pressure seals, such as down-hole safety valves, water jet intensifiers, and oil and gas valvesPEEK, short for polyetheretherketone, is a high performance engineering polymer that’s a common choice for high pressure seals.  Let’s see why …




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PEEK seals can withstand pressures up to 30 ksi (207 MPa).  This is due to PEEK’s combination of high strength and high modulus.  The table below shows these properties for three different grades of PEEK:  virgin PEEK, glass fiber reinforced PEEK, and carbon fiber reinforced PEEK.



As you can see, the reinforced grades offer excellent strength and stiffness.

Chemical Resistance

Another reason for PEEK’s popularity in high-pressure applications involves its chemical resistance.  Many times these same high-pressure environments involve harsh or caustic chemicals that can compromise the physical properties of even the most outstanding polymers.  PEEK, on the other hand, can retain its strength even in the presence of harsh chemicals with just a few exceptions.


Operating Temperature

High pressure applications often go hand in hand with extreme temperatures.  Fortunately, PEEK offers a wide operating temperature range.  It works for cryogenic applications down to -100°F and still retains its key mechanical properties in temperatures up to 450°F. 


PEEK Seals Prime Choice

PEEK’s combination of strength and stiffness makes it a prime choice for high pressure applications, but when that is combined with its resistance to chemical attack and operating temperature range, PEEK quickly begins to stand out as a first choice for high pressure polymer seals.  Combine that with its resistance to both wear and creep, and PEEK is definitely a winner when it comes to intense, demanding seal applications. 


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