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Teflon PTFE Seals for Static and Dynamic Sealing.

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Advanced EMC Technologies’ Teflon PTFE seals are one of their frontline products, in continuous demand across many industries. The seal offers perfect static and dynamic sealing for the most demanding applications. Other key features include low friction, chemically resistant, dry/lubricated running used in many industries such as fluid handling, semiconductor, aerospace and instrumentation.. Talking about it, a senior executive with the company said, “The component is an integral part of the equipment across industry sectors. It can withstand extreme temperature, chemicals and pressure. Sealing jacket is made of resilient PTFE...

Sealing Solutions for Aerospace Industry – An Overview

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The aerospace industry needs robust sealing solutions, ever reliable and highly engineered. They need technologically advanced sealing devices that can withstand aggressive chemicals, variegated pressures and high temperatures. Top standard sealing products combine experience, engineering and innovation. These are cost effectively, yet efficiently built, to fit virtually any aerospace application. Sealing solutions have to stand aggressive chemicals including jet fuels, hydraulic fluids, solvents/degreasers and engine lubricants. Other factors they have to work with are Elastomer temperatures to 320C (608F); Metal seal temperatures to 1,093C (2,000F); High frequency oscillations; High and...

Advanced EMC – Offering High PV Grades, FDA Compliant PTFE Seals

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Businesses in Texas needing chemically resistant, low friction static and dynamic sealing solutions can procure these from Advanced EMC Technologies. They produce high grade FDA compliant PTFE seals that can withstand extreme temperature and pressure. An executive with the company … Continue reading
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