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PEEK, which stands for polyetheretherketone, is a well-known engineering thermoplastic. It has become a popular choice for bushings that must operate in demanding high speed, high temperature environments.


In this blog post, we will look at 6 reasons why PEEK actually works well in such hostile environments.

PEEK Can Take the Heat

PEEK bushings can operate continuously in temperatures up to 480°F without loss of their key tensile and flexural properties. In addition, when exposed to flames, PEEK bushings exhibit low smoke and have a very low toxicity rating, and it even have a V-0 flammability rating.

PEEK Has Good Chemical Resistance

PEEK has very good resistance to a variety of aggressive chemicals, and is also compatible for use with steam and hot water. It is inert to common solvents and can resist many chemicals, both organic and inorganic.

PEEK Is a Good Replacement for Metals

PEEK an excellent replacement option for metal bushings because of its chemical resistance, strength properties, and the fact that it is up to 70% lighter than the metal parts it can replace. In fact, it’s light weight has made it a popular choice for aerospace applications, where weight and fuels savings are key design factors.

PEEK Has High Strength

PEEK is considered the high-strength alternative when it comes to hostile environments where other polymer bushings simply can’t perform. It’s high tensile strength and impact strength make it an excellent choice for aggressive applications.

PEEK Is Durable

Another key benefit of PEEK bushings is their durability and excellent fatigue life. In fact, some PEEK parts have been show to exhibit up to 100 times better fatigue performance than their metal counterparts.

PEEK Can Be Improved by Additives

There are a variety of additives that can further enhance PEEK’s already outstanding properties, including glass and carbon fiber. Carbon and glass can enhance PEEK’s tensile, compressive, and flexural strength, reduces its coefficient of thermal expansion, increase its thermal conductivity, slightly increase its hardness, and significantly increase its deflection temperature.


The combined strength, thermal, and chemical properties of polyetheretherketone make it an excellent choice for high temperature, environments in need of bushings. Add to that its ability to serve as an excellent replacement for metal bushings, and its ability to have its properties further enhanced by additives like glass and carbon, and PEEK quickly stands out as a first choice for high performance polymer bushings.

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