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Teflon PTFE Seals for Static and Dynamic Sealing.

Spring energized PTFE sealsAdvanced EMC Technologies’ Teflon PTFE seals are one of their frontline products, in continuous demand across many industries. The seal offers perfect static and dynamic sealing for the most demanding applications. Other key features include low friction, chemically resistant, dry/lubricated running used in many industries such as fluid handling, semiconductor, aerospace and instrumentation..

Talking about it, a senior executive with the company said, “The component is an integral part of the equipment across industry sectors. It can withstand extreme temperature, chemicals and pressure. Sealing jacket is made of resilient PTFE and can be energized by an internal spring when needed which applies a load to the sealing element at low pressures. It has unlimited shelf life and controlled friction/load.”

Spring energized seals have a resilient seal jacket and compensates for jacket wear, hardware misalignment or eccentricity. Polymer seal jackets materials include Virgin PTFE, Carbon/Graphite PTFE, Moly/Filled PTFE, Glass/Moly PTFE, Polyimide/Filled PTFE, UH/Polymer PE, 60% Bronze / filled PTFE and PCTFE / KEL F. FDA approved low friction Virgin PTFE is excellent for light duty service, cryogenic applications and low molecular weight gas service.

Carbon/Graphite PTFE offers superb resistance to heat and wear. Good in liquids and steam, it is recommended for dry or semi-dry applications. The executive added for Glass/Moly PTFE, “It works well for high pressure applications and is impressive in hydraulic, steam and water. The material is abrasive in rotary service against soft metals.”

Teflon Spring Energized PTFE Seals by Advanced EMC by PTFEseals

Polyimide/Filled PTFE seals are outstanding in dry service with low wear rate in vacuum and inert gases. It has very low abrasion to dynamic mating surfaces. UH/Polymer PE has higher friction than PTFE compounds. Static and slow dynamic PCTFE / KEL F is best grade for cryogenic applications. 60% Bronze / filled PTFE excels at very high rotary speeds with low pressure.

About Advanced EMC Technologies

Advanced EMC Technologies is an acclaimed company offering industrial grade polymer seals and bearings. The company deals in PEEK polymer seals, spring energized Teflon seals, PTFE rotary shaft seals, polymer bearings and bushings, precision components, nylon bushings and several other such products. The company provides quality products to meet budget and service expectations to clients.

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Sealing Solutions for Aerospace Industry – An Overview

The aerospace industry needs robust sealing solutions, ever reliable and highly engineered. They need technologically advanced sealing devices that can withstand aggressive chemicals, variegated pressures and high temperatures. Top standard sealing products combine experience, engineering and innovation. These are cost effectively, yet efficiently built, to fit virtually any aerospace application. Read more

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How Should an OEM Go about Purchasing Equipment?

Procurement of top quality components is important for an OEM working in industries like oil and gas, analytical, medical device, aerospace, defense, alternative energy, transport, fluid and air handling, etc. You need to get your things from a manufacturer that is updated about engineering and has the advantage of diversely located facilities.

A manufacturer who is well versed about the engineering processes will be able to choose between them. They will consider all options available and zero in on one that is most cost-effective for producing a solution for you.

On the other hand, diverse location of facilities will make sure that they are able to meet the deadlines. Large manufacturers will have such facilities across countries. For instance, a US company may have manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Asian countries. This will provide them a leg-up as they will be able to divide work among their facilities. Even if one of their units underperforms for any reason, other units will compensate. Moreover, if costs are that important to you, you can request them to get the production in a facility that has low-cost labor.

Along with a robust production line, they must also have stringent quality control system in place to establish that the products moving out of their facility are top grade. Their quality check staff must conduct appropriate checks on the components produced to ascertain these would withstand the pressure when in use. As if that is not enough, they should also have a system to ensure that the components are delivered on time.

Reliable manufacturers are able to customize products according to the clients’ unique requirements. They offer components that are tweaked to perfectly fit in the clients’ requirements. Their engineers will discuss things with the clients and then find out how to come up with a solution.

Conforming to the rigorous use of components, the manufacturers take care that their products meet the most demanding requirements. The components are robust and sophisticated enough to perform when called on. Environment and duration notwithstanding, the products will perform in precise manner.

Reputable manufacturers will be well aware of the fact that malfunctioning components will damage their own reputation and reduce the odds of their bagging future contracts. So they will ensure that the products delivered are best suited for the applications they are meant for. Moreover, they will be willing to go extra miles to ensure that the products are always up to the mark. Factoring in the unique requirements of their clientele, they will make sure that precise products that comply with the procedures are designed. Even if there is occasionally a component that doesn’t match the requirements, they will be fast to replace it.


PTFE Seals (, gaskets, rotary shaft seals, precision components, polymer materials – their product line will be diverse enough to cater requirements of the clients. Their PTFE products will offer outstanding resistance even to the most aggressive chemicals and handle media at elevated as well as semi cryogenic temperatures. Their products will produce optimum performance when used in the applications they are meant for.

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How an OEM Can Sustain Quality of Production and Operations?

spring energized lip sealIntense competition makes it imperative for industries to arrange the best of material and equipment. Any room for maneuverability is just not there. If they move their stance a bit, they will only create space for competition. Pressure for sustenance of quality is more acute if you are an OEM in sectors like energy where investments are huge and businesses are eager to break even.

Quality of production and operations can be sustained only when you have roped in suppliers you can rely on. You need to ensure timely supply of raw material as well as the equipment to continue with your operations and any let up will only interfere with your schedule, giving advantage to your rivals.

To ascertain that, you need to find a supplier who has considerable experience of working with clients in your sector. It will enable them to understand your requirements and make sure that the delivery is timely and quality unrelenting.

Whether you need solutions for well head connectors, loading swivels, valves, couplings, logging tools, rotary drill bits or anti blow out seals, they will provide for it. They will come with components that are designed for high pressure, chemically hostile environment. Produced deploying the best available technology, these ensure optimum performance. A seasoned supplier will have an extensive range of specialized sealing and bearing solutions.

Usually, such suppliers will be providing equipment for a host of other industries as well like defense, aerospace, transport, air handling, analytical enterprises, etc. Riding on their varied experience, they will come up top-notch components required by these industries.

You can build a viable business only when you have a reliable line of suppliers. So it is essential that you choose your suppliers with plenty of conviction. Working together with them, you will be able to extract the maximum output in the projects you have undertaken.

Such a supplier will be willing to provide design assistance in the geometry and function of a specific part. Riding on their experience, they will put up the most cost effective manufacturing process, providing clients with economic solutions. It enables clients to bring down their overall costs. Plastic bearings, standard bearings, flanged bearings or any other part, they will ensure that it precisely satisfies your requirements.

Qualify polymer bearing suppliers who assure you of providing the components that conform to the best engineering practices. They will take into account that the clients have schedules to meet as well and production lines which should continue running. Their parts stick to configuration provided by the clients. Available in tremendous variety, these components cater to the clients’ specific requirements. All products will be subjected to rigorous quality measuring tests.

A seasoned company will provide quality products deploying an array of processing technologies in molding, extrusion and fabrication. They will have facilities across the world giving the depth to ensure that the production deadlines are met. Willing to go extra miles to meet service expectations, they will be helping clients tackle the challenges. They will be consistent, accurate, on time and on budget, always.

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Polymer Bearing and Bushing Applications

2Whether your industry is Oil & Gas, Medical, Aerospace and Defense, Alternative Energy, Fluid and Air Handling or Transportation your applications demands high quality, high temperature bearings and bushings.

Advanced- EMC Technologies introduces to the industry a diverse line of plane polymer bearings and polymer bushings. Read more

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Advanced EMC – Offering High PV Grades, FDA Compliant PTFE Seals

3Businesses in Texas needing chemically resistant, low friction static and dynamic sealing solutions can procure these from Advanced EMC Technologies. They produce high grade FDA compliant PTFE seals that can withstand extreme temperature and pressure.

An executive with the company threw more light on the feature saying, “As the system pressure raises enough to take over from the spring and engage the shaft an ultra-efficient seal is created. The spring of the spring energized seal provides permanent resilience to the seal jacket compensating for jacket eccentricity, wear and hardware misalignment.”

Other salient features of the seals are fluid handling, high PV grades, unlimited shelf life, controlled friction/load and FDA/USDA compliance. The seals are efficient in dry running or lubricated, cryogenic and HPLC applications. They can effectively be used across sectors like medical and defense, medical, biomedical, food service, oil & seismic transportation and pharmaceutical. Polymer seal jacket are made of varied materials like virgin PTFE, carbon/graphite PTFE, moly/filled PTFE, glass/moly PTFE, polyimide/filled, UH/polymer PE, 60% bronze/filled PTFE and PCTFE/ KEL F.

FDA approved Virgin PTFE are known for low friction and light duty service. The executive elaborated, “1000 Fluorolon Virgin PTFE seals are excellent for cryogenic and low molecular weight gas service. It can withstand temperature range of -320 to 450F. Extrusion resistance and friction rating is lowest. Carbon/Graphite PTFE 1034 Fluorolon jacket seats, on the other hand offer excellent resistance to heat and wear. It is recommended for dry or semi-dry apps. It can stand temperature ranges of -320 to 500F. Extrusion resistance is moderate and friction rating is low.”


1017 Fluorolon Moly/Filled PTFE seals are excellent in dry gas with better wear resistance. Temperature range is -320 to 525. Extrusion resistance is very high and Friction rating is low. 1050 Fluorolon Glass/Moly PTFE seals offer superlative wear and heat resistance. These are abrasive in rotary service against soft metals and effective in high pressure applications. It is meant for temperature ranges of -250 to 550F, have very high extrusion resistance and moderate friction rating.