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Equipment Manufacturing Oil andGas

Procurement of top quality components is vital for an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) working in industries like oil and gas, analytical, medical device, aerospace, defense, alternative energy, transport, fluid and air handling, etc.  It is a matter of “doing your homework” on advanced technologies of components from a manufacturer that is leading-edge in engineering design, technology, and practical application. 



Stategic Move #1 – Take Advantage of the Experitise of Well-versed Manufacturers.

While the Internet provides a wealth of information at the onset of the research stage of a project, it is in the experience that well-versed engineering process manufacturers provide that can make or break any OEM project, initially or long term.  It is their experience that is worth its’ weight in gold.  This expertise provides strategies that are not only cost-effective, but measureably safer in the life of the project.  The most recent case in point, the Blue Bell Ice Cream equipment fiasco


Strategic Move #2 – Meet Deadlines with Instant Access to a Netwok Manufacturing Facilities,

On the other hand, diverse location of facilities will ensure that deadlines are met. Large manufacturers will have such facilities across countries. For instance, a US company may have manufacturing facilities in Mexico and Asian countries. This will provide them a leg-up as they will be able to divide work among their facilities. Even if one of their units underperforms for any reason, other units will compensate. Moreover, if costs is a key factor you can request to get the production in a facility that has low-cost labor.


Strategic Move #3 – The Manufacturers Quality Control is Your Quality Control.

Along with a robust production line, the best manufacturers must also have stringent quality control system in place to establish that the products moving out of their facility are top grade.  Their quality check staff must conduct appropriate checks on the components produced to ascertain all questionable variables are met.  In addition, manufacturing concerns that provide a system that not only provides high quality but ensures that the components are delivered on time is very strategic.


Reliable manufacturers are able to customize products according to the clients’ unique requirements. They offer components that are tweaked to perfectly fit in the clients’ requirements. Their engineers will discuss things with the clients and then find out how to come up with the most strategic solution.

Conforming to the rigorous use of components, the manufacturers take care that their products meet the most demanding requirements. The components are robust and sophisticated enough to perform when called on. Environment and duration notwithstanding, the products will perform in precise manner.

Reputable manufacturers will be well aware of the fact that malfunctioning components will damage their own reputation and reduce the odds of their obtaining future contracts.  So they will ensure that the products delivered are best suited for the applications they are meant for.  Moreover, they will be willing to go extra miles to ensure that the products are always up to the mark.  Factoring in the unique requirements of their clientele, they will make sure that precise products that comply with the procedures are designed.  Even if there is occasionally a component that doesn’t match the requirements, they will be fast to replace it.


PTFE Seals, gaskets, rotary shaft seals, precision components, polymer materials – their product line will be diverse enough to cater requirements of the clients. Their PTFE products will offer outstanding resistance even to the most aggressive chemicals and handle media at elevated as well as semi cryogenic temperatures.  Their products will produce optimum performance when used in the applications they are meant for.


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