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2Whether your industry is Oil & Gas, Medical, Aerospace and Defense, Alternative Energy, Fluid and Air Handling or Transportation your applications demands high quality, high temperature bearings and bushings.

Advanced- EMC Technologies introduces to the industry a diverse line of plane polymer bearings and polymer bushings.

The use of engineering polymers in dynamic load bearing applications has helped revolutionize virtually all mechanical products.

New product designs are continually pushing the limits on engineer’s plastic materials.

Advanced EMC evaluates and researches into advanced polymers industry to meet products design, which include higher load bearings, lower friction bearings and high temperature bearings. Providing quick-turn prototypes, low volume machined to higher injection molded components in most bearing grade materials.

When you need engineered solutions to prevent metal to metal contact and/or alignment, and need quality polymer bearing manufacturers, Advanced- EMC Technologies can be your resource. From low friction self lubricating bearings and self lubricating bushings to 600F service, Advanced EMC can meet the challenge.

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