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PEEK (polyether ether ketone) Maximizing Efficiency:

As stated in the previous articles in this series, the oil and gas industry of today is focusing on three main challenges: minimizing environmental impact, finding new sources for depleting oil and gas resources, and maximizing efficiency.  This third article in the series looks at how PEEK (polyether ether ketone) contributes to the continuing effort of engineers to maximize efficiency.


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PEEK has Low friction

PEEK has an extremely low coefficient of friction.  Besides the obvious fact that friction increases PEEK friction - match frictionenergy losses, it also results in heat generation.  When heat is generated, this can result in an even higher coefficient of friction, as well as dimensional changes that can compromise the performance of even the best designed parts.



PEEK is Lightweight

By switching from metal components to PEEK components, the result is a significant reduction inPEEK components lightweight weight and inertia.  Both filled and unfilled PEEK has excellent strength-to-weight and strength-to-stiffness ratios, which means that you can obtain the same level of strength at less weight.  Reductions in weight and inertia can dramatically reduce power requirements, also, and in turn increases the overall efficiency of the system.

PEEK has Reliability

In the previous article of this series, we talked about the excellent wear fatigue-related properties ofPEEK components reliable PEEK.  When critical components like seals and bearings are made out of a material with better wear properties, this means much less downtime for the system because repairs and replacements will be required far less often.  This, too, has a positive effect on the overall efficiency of the system.




Conclusion: The Profitability of PEEK

Engineers in the oil and gas industry face a continuing challenge of searching for new sources in increasingly hostile environments, while at the same time trying to maximize the efficiency of the systems involved so that they can still make a profit.  The judicious use of PEEK can help with all of these challenges.  So, in short, if you are an oil or gas specialist looking for ways to improve your existing designs or for innovative solutions to include in new designs, don’t forget to take a peek at PEEK.

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