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plastic_flange_bushingsThe Sacramento Bee published an industry news update on its site regarding the bearings industry in America. Things are looking good as the country’s numerous industrial sectors are all in need of the vital components that this field provides. The article points out that the market has a lot more room to expand.

Ball, roller, and plain bearing demand in the US is forecast to increase 4.4 percent per year to $12.9 billion in 2017. This will be a notable improvement from the growth registered during the 2007 to 2012 period. Market advances will be supported by improved conditions in motor vehicle manufacturing, the largest market for bearings. The trend toward “insourcing” US durable goods manufacturing will create opportunities in a variety of markets.


Engine, turbine & power transmission market to grow the fastest The engine, turbine, and power transmission equipment market will experience the fastest growth, bolstered by continued growth in the wind energy segment. The automotive market will not be far behind, outpacing overall bearing demand gains. Bearing manufacturers will benefit from particularly strong growth in heavy truck and bus production, as these vehicles utilize more bearings (both in unit and dollar terms) than passenger cars.

All sorts of machines need bearings, especially if said they have parts that rotate or pivot. Basically, the more moving parts there are, the more bearings are needed. While it does sound like these tools are always made of metal, that’s not always the case. Manufacturers will be glad to know that there are sturdy plastic flange bushing parts, which are more lightweight and versatile.

For the uninitiated, bearing refers to any machine element that restrains motion between two joined parts. This is designed to reduce the instances of friction, thereby decreasing wear and improving performance; for example, your car’s engine has plenty of these components that help it perform at top efficiency. Bushings are a type of bearing, and they’re usually used for rotary applications such as for turbines, fans, and so on.

Manufacturers and other entities operating with rotating machinery of any sort will need high quality PTFE or Nylon bushings from companies like Advanced EMC Technologies. Bushings are usually subjected to intense machine wear, and will eventually break down with continued use. It’s better for operators to have as many bearings on hand to replace critically damaged ones quickly so that the workflow doesn’t get interrupted.

(From US Bearings Market, Sacramento Bee)

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