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Automotive PTFE Shaft Seals

In this article, we are going to explore the reasons why PTFE seals are among the best choices for many automotive applications.  You’ll find PTFE seals in fuel cell seals, fuel injection pumps, steering wheel seals, air conditioning, compressor seals, hydraulic seals, and more.  We’re going to focus our attention on PTFE shaft seals.  Let’s take a look!


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Reason #1:  Low Friction

PTFE shaft seals have unbelievably low friction and are long lasting, keeping the fluids where they are supposed to be.  They are also capable of dry running, since they are self-lubricating and don’t require additional lubrication in order to perform well.


Reason #2:  Chemically Resistant

PTFE rotating shaft seals also perform extremely well in the presence of automotive fluids, including fluids and chemically aggressive oils.  They are regularly used with diesel and gasoline, as well as alternative fuels.  In fact, PTFE seals are among the most chemically resistant polymers on the market today.


Reason #3:  Performance at High Temperatures

At high temperatures where other seals may begin to fail, PTFE dynamic shaft seals keep going strong.  They retain their performance characteristics even at abusive temperatures up to 600°F.  This includes their stiffness, strength, chemical resistance, low friction, dimensional stability, and durability.


Reason #4:  Survival at High Surface Speeds

PTFE dynamic seals work extremely well for demanding high surface speed applications because of their resistance to the effects of heat and their ultra-low friction characteristics, performing much better than their elastomeric counterparts.


Reason #5:  Reduction in Vehicle Emissions

Because of the reliable sealing power of PTFE, automobiles that make use of PTFE seals typically have lower vehicle emissions and CO2.  This is a powerful combination in a modern automotive industry where federal oversight and regulations are pushing toward more eco-friendly vehicles.


High Performance PTFE

PTFE rotary shaft seals are an increasingly common sight in the automotive industry, and far more reasons than just their low friction, chemical resistance, performance at high temperatures, survival at high surface speeds, and reduction in vehicle emissions.  If you are looking for high performance, durable, reliable seal, don’t forget to check out PTFE.


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