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Advanced EMC knows how demanding certain industries can be when it comes to their sealing needs and requirements and failing to provide reliable solutions could heavily affect their production or delivery of their services. And that is the reason we came up with our extensive line of advanced polymer seals that are able to meet some of the toughest and most sensitive demands one can think of.

Our FluoroSeal PTFE Rotary Shaft Seals topple conventional elastomeric lip seals in terms of performance, while maintaining a lower cost compared to mechanical face seals. It is best used to resolve frictional heating problems that arise during high speed rotary applications which the conventional seals fail to address. Moreover, the expenses of companies are lessened because of the high volumes that can be produced from the pressed shells.

We also offer high temperature seals like our PTFE Spring-Energized seals that provide dynamic sealing even under extreme temperatures. Its thin and flexible sealing jacket applies the needed load to the sealing element at low pressures, thanks to its internal energizing spring. The seal is created once the system pressure increases to the point when it is enough to engage the shaft or bore. Furthermore, it is also chemical-resistant, generates low friction, and has an unlimited shelf life.

Our polymer seals and downhole tools have served different types of clients from various kinds of industries and all of them have experienced how our advanced PTFE alloys benefit their critical sealing requirements. Our products can be used in medical tools and supplies like implanted medical electronic devices, surgical equipment, tissue-cutting tools, blood and infusion pumps, and oxygen intensifiers, among others. Likewise, the aerospace and defense sectors, particularly their aircraft, space crafts, and defense systems, have also benefited from our technology.

In addition, automobile manufacturers also use our products as hydraulic seals, AC compressor seals, and fuel cell seals, to name a few. The oil and gas industry also uses our sealing solutions to ensure efficiency under high-pressure and chemically-hostile environments. We also carry plane polymer bearings and bushings that have low friction levels, low and high load grades, lightweight, wear-resistant, and maintenance-free.

So regardless of the industry that your company belongs to, Advanced EMC has the sealing solution that will deliver the best results for your sealing needs and specifications. Be sure to browse through our website,, to find out more about what we have to offer, or to request for a fast and free custom quote, today!

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