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Extremely Efficient Sealing System

Spring-energized seals are an effective sealing solution for both dynamic and static applications.  The sealing element itself achieves a seal at low pressures, and when pressures increases the seal is made tighter as the spring engages. The spring also compensates both for eccentricity and wear on the seal jacket, and increases the natural resilience of the seal jacket.   This results in an extremely efficient sealing system.spring energized ptfe and uhmw seals

When PTFE and UHMW materials are used for the seal jacket, you have a spring-energized seal that performs with distinction under high pressures, in extreme temperatures, has ultra low friction, and is quite chemically inert.  So what does the mean for the food and dairy industry?

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There are three key things that the food and dairy industry require from a sealing solution: maximum seal life, conformity to applicable standards, and hygienic design.


Sealing Solution Benefit #1:  Maximum Seal Life

Spring-energized seals, by their very design, can provide a much tighter, more reliable seal.  The seal primarily acts as an energizer to achieve a tighter seal, but it also compensates for eccentricity and misalignment.   By increasing the natural resilience of the seal jacket, the useful life of the seal is again increased.  When PTFE or UMHW PE is used for the sealing jacket, their low-friction characteristics help to increase the life of the seal.  And the longer the seal life, the shorter the down-time for MRO.


Sealing Solution Benefit #2:  Conformity to Applicable Standards

There are various grades of PTFE that have FDA approval, which is vital in the food industry.  UMHW has been approved by the FDA, and for those in the dairy industry it is also approved by USDA, Canada AG and 3A dairy.


Sealing Solution Benefit #3:  Hygienic Design

PTFE and UHMW PE seals can both be run dry, meaning no lubrication is required, because of their extremely low coefficient of friction.  This reduces the chances of contamination due to lubricant, and reduces the level of maintenance required.  The wide operating temperature range of both of these polymers lends itself to high temperature cleaning operations.  Their chemical compatibility means that they can be used in the presence of aggressive cleaning solutions.  PTFE naturally repels liquids and other debris from its surface.



PTFE spring-energized seals and UHMW PE spring energized seals both meet the three major requirements of the food and dairy industry for sealing solutions:  

  • maximum seal life,
  • conformity to applicable standards,
  • and hygienic design. 

So, if you are designing a sealing system, or looking to retrofit an existing sealing system, don’t forget to consider a spring-energized seal with either a PTFE or UHMW jacket.

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