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PTFE & UHMW PE Seals: 3 Benefits for Food & Dairy Industry

Extremely Efficient Sealing System

Spring-energized seals are an effective sealing solution for both dynamic and static applications.  The sealing element itself achieves a seal at low pressures, and when pressures increases the seal is made tighter as the spring engages. The spring also compensates both for eccentricity and wear on the seal jacket, and increases the natural resilience of the seal jacket.   This results in an extremely efficient sealing system.spring energized ptfe and uhmw seals

When PTFE and UHMW materials are used for the seal jacket, you have a spring-energized seal that performs with distinction under high pressures, in extreme temperatures, has ultra low friction, and is quite chemically inert.  So what does the mean for the food and dairy industry?

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