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PTFE Aerospace Seals

Finding the right sealing solution for aerospace applications involves a host of considerations, especially when it comes to the jacket material. However, there is one high-performance solution that rises to the top over and over: PTFE aerospace seals. 

Aerospace Seal Challenges

Aerospace sealing solutions can face a wide range of harsh environments that can include exposure to extreme temperatures, high pressures, and corrosive chemicals such as de-icing liquids and aviation fuels. There is also the ever-present demand for energy-efficient solutions,  critical requirements related to safety, and compliance with industry standards. 

In addition, aerospace seals must often perform in potentially explosive or flammable environments. There are other constraints in aerospace applications as well, such as the need to minimize weight and promote energy efficiency. And looking to the future, there will also be demand for more environmentally friendly, sustainable solutions.

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Abradable Polymer Labyrinth Seals -5 Fascinating Facts about Modified PTFE

Abradable Polymer Labyrinth Sealslabyrinth_seal_diagram

Abradable polymer labyrinth seals are a mechanical, dynamic seal based on the original labyrinth seal, but with a curious twist that increases efficiency.  They can be made of different materials, but in this post we are going to focus on polymer labyrinth seals, and, more specifically, on modified PTFE abradable polymer labyrinth seals.  Here are five fascinating facts about abradable polymer labyrinth seals, starting with some basic facts of abradable labyrinth seals:


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